As daylight hours get shorter, are you testing your emergency lighting?

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As daylight hours get shorter, are you testing your emergency lighting?

Now that autumn is upon us, most businesses will be relying on artificial lighting keep workplaces running throughout the day. With the sun setting before 4pm in December, even those who work in standard 9 to 5 office environments will need help to keep things illuminated. Of course this is even more of an issue for workplaces where shift work takes place in the early hours, such as factories and warehouses.

Making sure your emergency lighting is compliant is a year-round obligation. But when daylight hours are short it becomes a pressing issue. What happens if your main lighting fails, and staff need to evacuate the building? Will they be able to see their way safely to the nearest exit point?

Are you up to speed with emergency lighting testing requirements?

At this time of year, Greenlite is keen to remind people that we offer testing services. Our offering is a full emergency lighting testing service for commercial property owners, retailers and businesses of all sizes to ensure full compliance with the latest legislation is met.

Further, we have a nationwide network of skilled electrical engineers providing electrical and lighting maintenance to over 10,000 individual properties, for many of the UK’s best known retail brands and multinational businesses.

We will carry out duration test for three hours once a year to check that the luminaires are working for the required duration; this will simulate a complete failure of the normal lighting supply for the full rated duration to allow all luminaires to be tested for correct operation.

In addition, we can train you to carry out the required daily checks of each luminaire for any obvious signs of damage or deterioration, including the cleanliness and general condition of lenses and diffusers.

We can also provide training to carry out the monthly function test, for a short period once a month to check that the luminaire is working; this will simulate a failure of the normal lighting supply for sufficient time to allow all luminaires to be checked for correct operation.

“When it comes to testing emergency lighting you literally cannot be too prepared,” comments Bob Hall, Greenlite Managing Director.

“That’s why Greenlite operate such a comprehensive service, to ensure everything is safe, working and ready for action in emergency situations.”

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