Commercial lighting design expert provides energy surveys for major retailer

Category: Lighting

Greenlite Lighting Solutions, an environmental lighting specialist, has been awarded a contract with GO Outdoors, the UK’s largest retailer of camping equipment, tents, outdoor clothing and footwear.

With its energy-efficient retail lighting expertise, Greenlite has been tasked with conducting energy surveys, in order to recommend energy-saving measures for the retail chain. The retail lighting firm has identified a raft of simple-yet-effective changes, such as finding ways to automatically switch off lights during non-trading hours.

Greenlite has a commitment to transparency and seeks to demonstrate the best options for its clients, rather than immediately encouraging complete new lighting installations. The specialist in green lighting looks forward to continuing working with GO Outdoors and helping them minimise their energy bills.

Andy Chell, Sales and Marketing Manager at the lighting design firm, Greenlite, says: “So many retailers are throwing money away every month on unidentified energy drains. Inefficient use of lighting is often one of these and businesses are usually surprised by how easy it is to rectify.”

He adds: “In this case, we have decided that implementing automatic lighting control is the best way forward. Building controls don’t rely on human memory and we’ve found this to be an effective method to ensure lights definitely get turned off!”

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