Commercial lighting expert comments on wariness over financing schemes

Category: Lighting

Greenlite Lighting Solutions, a lighting installation firm, is concerned about the lack of uptake of financial assistance designed to help companies implement energy-efficient lighting.

The office lighting expert, Greenlite, urges businesses to look at the financial support available, which enables customers to install energy-efficient technologies without having to pay up-front. These systems often employ positive payback, meaning that companies would be paying back less than they are saving with the new lighting.

Greenlite has noted that this reluctance is an industry-wide issue and, in many cases, it is preventing companies from saving money and reducing carbon emissions. The specialist in energy-saving lighting suggests that many may see these schemes as ‘too good to be true’, but that this is not the case.

Andy Chell, Sales and Marketing Manager at Greenlite, says: “Many of these finance programmes have multiple benefits. In our own lighting leasing plan, we ensure that payments are fixed throughout the term and are not subject to interest rate fluctuations, so that clients can accurately budget. Payments are also fully tax deductible against taxable profits.”

He adds: “It is important to note that virtually all of the FTSE100 companies use finance to the equivalent of approximately 50% of their annual turnover. We encourage all companies to explore the options that are out there.”

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