Eight easy energy wins: Energy saving tips for small retailers

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Eight easy energy wins: Energy saving tips for small retailers

Greenlite’s Lighting Doctor advises on how to boost your bottom line…

What if we told you there was a simple way to boost your profits, without having to increase sales? The chances are, you’d wonder what the catch was. 

But by making a few simple, yet savvy, changes, you can reduce your energy costs and increase your margins. In fact, according to The Carbon Trust, a 20% cut in energy costs can equate to as much as a 5% increase in sales.

With lighting season upon us, there’s no better time to be looking at how your business could reap cash rewards from a few tweaks. We asked Greenlite’s Lighting Doctor for his top energy saving tips for small retailers. Here’s what he had to tell us…

Make staff energy aware

Hold a training session, to put energy efficiency firmly on everyone’s radar. Ask employees to flick off the lights when vacating stock rooms and meeting area, then stick up signs as a friendly reminder.

Install sensors

Lighting accounts for up to half a building’s energy usage, but with several low cost technologies you can ensure your business isn’t throwing money down the drain. For example, sensors can lead to energy savings of up to 40%. Fit movement sensors in rooms that aren’t always occupied, such as toilets and staff rooms. Daylight sensors are ideal for spaces where natural light sometimes suffices. They can be preset, so they activate when the light level outside dips below a certain level, such as on a gloomy winter’s morning.

Swap to LEDs

Replace outdated incandescent bulbs with energy efficient alternatives. The Carbon Trust estimates that exchanging incandescent light bulbs for LEDs could mean energy savings of up to 80%. LEDS also last up to 50 times longer, which means less time and money spent changing them. When Greenlite Group installed low energy LED lighting in Harvey’s furniture outlets, they saved the average store £21,000 over five years.

Label your lights

In bigger spaces, such as store rooms, zone the lighting. Then clearly label the switches, so staff can easily identify how to illuminate the area they need, rather than flooding the entire space with wasted light.

Do an audit

If you’re taking on a new premises, find a reliable electrician to give it the once over. You might be surprised to find that a few simple changes could dramatically reduce your bills. For example, swapping halogen floodlights for LED alternatives could make an energy saving of up to 75%.

Maintain fittings 

Wear and tear, dust and the elements can stop light fittings working efficiently, so maintain and clean them regularly. Give windows and skylights a regular scrub too, to maximise daylight and minimise reliance on artificial lighting.

Fit a last man out switch

These nifty devices mean the last person to exit the building just presses one button to turn off all the lights. The cash savings can be enormous – when Greenlite Group installed last man out switches in 15 B&M stores, they estimated the business would save over £11,000 in the first two months.

Take advantage of a refurbishment

Planning an overhaul? This is a cost effective time to incorporate energy efficiency measures. For more information on how Greenlite Group can help you, call 0844 880 2116.

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