Electrical maintenance specialist highlights growth of sustainability

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Greenlite Group

A recent survey, conducted by McKinsey, into attitudes towards sustainability has found a significant increase in CEOs labelling it as vital to their business.

Polling 3,344 executives across different regions, industries and company sizes, the global management consulting firm found that 13% of respondents said it was their most important priority. This has more than doubled since 2012, when the figure stood at 5%.

This research also identified that sustainability is becoming a more strategic measure, with 43% of businesses aligning it with their overall goals and mission. Greenlite Lighting Maintenance, a commercial electrical maintenance firm in Lancashire, says putting sustainability at the heart of your business can give you a competitive edge.

Andy Chell, Sales and Marketing Manager at the electrical safety checks expert, says: “So many sustainable measures future-proof your business against issues like rising energy or resource prices. We’d advise all firms to start thinking about how they can inject a bit more sustainability into their operations.”

He adds: “It can be confusing to know where to start, but investing in energy-efficient upgrades, like commercial LED lighting, is a great place to start. And the financial savings are a welcome side effect, too!”

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