Energy bills: How to reclaim for wrong charges

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Energy bills: How to reclaim for wrong charges

Could you be paying over the odds for your electricity? Our bill validation service can help SMEs reclaim up to six years of incorrect costs…

It’s no secret that electricity bills can be challenging to get to grips with. Complicated tariffs and a multitude of different charges, including wholesale, network and environmental costs, all serve to muddy the waters, making them notoriously hard to decipher.

The result? Your business could be unwittingly paying over the odds for its energy consumption. And with electricity likely to account for up to 19% of a small company’s site costs, that means you could be pouring considerable amounts of cash down the drain.

Yet with the best will in the world, few SME owners have the time to forensically analyse each invoice and keep tabs on whether every charge is accurate, let alone chase up any discrepancies. Thankfully though, that’s where we at Greenlite Group can step in.

What is bill validation?

With our dedicated bill validation service, we can check that you’re only being billed for the energy you use, and that you’re paying the correct rates. Using unique software we’ll carry out over 75 checks on every invoice, spotting any errors – such as duplicate payments or unit cost errors – in the process.

What’s in it for me?

Our bill validation service doesn’t just give you peace of mind; it can also reap cash rewards. If mistakes are identified, we’ll raise the query with your supplier and manage any cost recovery on your behalf. You’ll even be able to track our progress via an online portal, and have sight of any anticipated savings.

If you’re worried you’ve neglected to check historical bills, don’t be. We can delve into your past invoices too. Our retro-audit experts offer a detailed assessment of your previous billing rates, rootling out any inaccuracies.

Better still, if you’re a UK business we can seek a refund on your behalf for any discrepancies we discover over the past six years (five in Scotland). In some cases, these refunded costs can run into tens of thousands of pounds. Rest assured though, if we don’t discover any discrepancies, we won’t ask you to part with a penny.

What next?

Once we’ve recovered costs on your behalf, any savings can then be pumped back into your business, boosting your bottom line. Invest the cash in low carbon solutions – such as LED lighting and other energy saving technologies – and you’ll increase your profits over the long term.

You’ll find more information on our bill validation service and making positive energy changes in our book, Knowledge is Power, the Greenlite guide to smarter energy. For your copy, contact or call us on 0844 880 2116.

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