Energy efficient lighting specialist advises SMEs to embrace energy audits

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In this regular blog series, Bob Hall, the co-founder of Greenlite Lighting Solutions, makes sure you aren’t left in the dark about the lighting sector. This month, he says: “Energy management isn’t just for big businesses – you’d be surprised by the savings that SMEs are losing out on.”

I swear I almost heard a collective sigh of relief from firms that found out they weren’t subject to ESOS, the mandatory new scheme requiring all large businesses to conduct an energy audit. But SMEs are missing a trick if they don’t recognise the benefits of identifying opportunities for cash-saving energy retrofits.

But if it’s not mandatory, why bother?

While I don’t want to sound like your mother, I’m here to say that sometimes it’s worth bothering. An energy audit really is in your best interests! As a commercial lighting expert, I’ve worked with many firms that are missing out on some serious savings because they are unaware of their true energy spend.

A good energy survey will identify opportunities for reducing consumption, as well as measuring total use. It’s very likely that you will have undiscovered energy drains – lights left on overnight or inefficient heating systems – that are also draining your bank account!

And, yes, identifying these will cost money in the short term, but you will be able to recoup the costs. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) estimates that an in-depth energy survey can identify potential cost savings that are more than 13.5 times greater than the cost of the audit.

But we don’t have the cash to invest in energy-saving retrofits…

My experience as a retail lighting specialist means I’ve worked with many SMEs, so I know that keeping an eye on every penny is vital.

There are many energy-efficient upgrades out there, but some have a much quicker return on investment, like green lighting or building controls. With a short payback period, these are ideal for smaller businesses.

The low carbon sector is also clued up on these financial concerns, and many firms now provide finance plans. These enable companies to access the benefits of retrofits like low-energy commercial lighting immediately, often with a monthly payment plan totalling less than the energy savings made.

So explore your options and don’t get left behind as the big firms become the leading lights in energy saving!

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