Energy-saving lighting firm comments on ‘the cost of doing nothing’

Category: Lighting

Greenlite Lighting Solutions, a commercial lighting company, is keen for businesses to understand that the longer they put off installing energy-efficient lighting upgrades, the more it will cost them.

The commercial low-energy lighting firm, which specialises in lighting installation, is concerned by the on-going increases in energy prices and how these will affect businesses that have not carried out energy-efficient upgrades.

Greenlite understands the hesitancy to spend money during uncertain economic times, but organisations are actually losing money (on inflated energy bills) for every day that they leave in place inefficient lighting. The expert in low-energy lightingadvises that organisations explore lighting leasing plans, which can offer immediate savings without capital expenditure.

Andy Chell, Sales and Marketing Manager at Greenlite Lighting Solutions, says: “Doing nothing might seem like a pragmatic approach – but it actually has a cost attached. As an energy-saving lighting specialist, we know that there are significant reductions in costs to be made with the latest energy-efficient lighting technologies.”

He adds: “Companies shouldn’t just assume that it will be too expensive – they may be surprised by the options out there and how quickly savings can be made. In fact, if an organisation uses our leasing arrangement, a lighting upgrade can actually be cash-positive from month one.”

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