Energy savings for SMEs: Reasons to take control

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Energy savings for SMEs: Reasons to take control

Greenlite Group launches energy guide for SMEs: Knowledge is Power

Lancashire’s Greenlite Group has launched a brand new guide for its SME customers, aimed at helping them take control of their business energy usage, using LED lighting and clever, modern technologies and, in the process, delivering improved building operating performance, reduced energy costs, reduced CO2 emissions and improved occupant comfort.

Bob Hall, director at Greenlite Group, says: “At Greenlite we’re passionate about helping our customers make positive choices when it comes to their energy use, by helping them understand their energy bills and how simple to implement energy-efficient changes can make a significant difference to their bottom line.

“Put simply, energy bills can be baffling at best; we’ve decoded the charges for a handy guide, so business owners can pinpoint exactly where their cash is going. However, an understanding of what makes up energy supplier costs is only the first step on the energy efficiency journey. Our guide can help business owners master their energy consumption by discovering ‘where’ and ‘when’ energy is used within their organisation.

“Once we really get to the bottom of that, we can pinpoint exactly where energy is wasted, and quickly identify areas ripe for improvement. Many businesses aren’t aware of just how much energy their on-site equipment and building operations actually use. For example chillers swallow a startling 8% of a site’s electricity, while air handling units and other HVAC guzzle around 16%. Lighting uses over 40%, yet thousands of businesses throw significant amounts of cash down the drain, illuminating vacant car parks, empty warehouses and even window displays throughout the night.

“The good news is that once we know where energy is being wasted, Greenlite can quickly help business owners take control of the situation. For instance, if they are haemorrhaging cash by lighting empty meeting rooms or back offices, movement sensors would provide a simple solution. Easy to install, they ensure the lights automatically switch off once a space has been unoccupied for a specified length of time. Likewise, last man out switches, which turn off all the lights at the flick of a button, can also lead to vast cash benefits. When Greenlite Group installed the devices in 15 B&M stores, they estimated the business would save over £11,000 in the first two months alone.

Bob Hall concludes, “Our mission is to help business owners take control of their energy costs, quickly and easily – according to the Carbon Trust, reducing energy usage by 20% is equivalent to a massive 5% increase in sales – and that’s a saving not to be sniffed at!”

Contact or call on 0844 880 2166 for a copy of ‘Knowledge is Power’.

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