Environmental lighting expert highlights growth of LED use

Category: Lighting

Greenlite Lighting Solutions, a retail lighting specialist, welcomes the news that the global LED market will grow by an estimated 45% per year until 2019 and increase in value from $4.8bn to $42bn.

The green lighting firm also notes the growing LED uptake by big businesses. At this month’s LuxLive conference, the engineering assurance manager of a major supermarket stated that large retailers have a ‘responsibility’ to leverage emerging LED technologies. This is in order to create cost savings for other smaller companies.

Another major supermarket announced at LuxLive that 100% of its stores will be lit by LEDsfrom 2013 onwards. Greenlite Lighting Solutions believes that these examples are indicative of the shift in attitudes towards energy-efficient lighting.

Andy Chell, Sales and Marketing Manager at Greenlite Lighting Solutions, says: “It’s clear that the boom in LED technology is already well underway. Retailers are waking up and realising that low-energy lighting can protect their businesses from energy price rises and help them cut carbon emissions. As long as LED technology is used in the right applications, it can have a huge positive impact.”

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