ESOS deadline just 4 months away: commercial lighting company urges retail companies to act

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ESOS deadline just 4 months away: commercial lighting company urges retail companies to act

Very little time remains before the ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) compliance deadline hits. By December 5, 2015, nearly 14,000 UK firms must complete their audit. For those among them in the retail sector, Greenlite is here to help.

There are barely 3,000 hours left, and then there will no remaining time to file ESOS audits. Thankfully, many retailers will (and should) have already started their audit process. For those who haven’t, getting started right now is an immediate and pressing concern.

Here at Greenlite, we don’t offer actual ESOS audits. But, as a specialist retail lighting contractorwe can definitely help when it comes to putting in place the recommendations ESOS will suggest.

Our bespoke knowledge of the retail sector hints that energy efficient lighting will be a key part of the ESOS improvement process. Lighting is a quick win; it offers rapid ROI at affordable initial cost.

In addition, beautiful, sustainable lighting is a key part of the retail sales proposition too. In order to maximise sales, lights often stay on all day, and into the evening. This makes them expensive from a profit and environmental perspective.

More advanced, modern lighting has the potential to show off best the products you need to sell. But it can do so at a far lighter cost on energy bills and on the planet.

Make the most of ESOS

Making the most of ESOS is a well-rehearsed phrase, but it rings true in the retail sector. You can get your audit cost back, and much more besides, from implementing audit recommendations.

Greenlite can help you implement low energy lighting solutions. We’ll look at your premises to identify ways to reduce lighting energy consumption recommended by ESOS. Then, during the design phase, we’ll make sure you won’t be wasting light in the wrong places.

We’ll supply you with the most energy-efficient products, and we’ll help you to maintain the resulting energy savings. Greenlite can even help you to fund the upgrade so that you start saving from day one.

The nearer the ESOS deadline gets, the more it will cost shops and malls to get the work completed. Recently, the Environment Agency (EA) said barely 60 companies had submitted their reports.

Failing to hit the deadline risks fines of up to £5,000, plus an additional £500 for each working day. But this should not be your key driver. Improving your premises, profits and sustainability is the goal.

Quick tips to get your audit completed on schedule

  • Start immediately; appoint a lead assessor. There is no time to waste on shopping around.
  • Use an external consultant. They are up to pace with training, have wide experience and will get the job done fast.
  • Remember that your final report needs to be signed by a director. Plan ahead and make sure the right person has the capacity to do this job.

The start of a business journey

Completing your audit is just the start of what ESOS can do for retail sector firms.

To win the most, implementing the energy savings recommendations is vital. According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, ESOS audits identify cost savings some 13.5 times greater than the cost of the audit itself.

Greenlite can help you maximise these benefits, and set you up for the future. Find out more about our Post-ESOS services.

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