We offer hassle-free, energy efficient school lighting upgrades for an improved learning experience.
Energy efficient lighting upgrades

Greenlite Group’s comprehensive energy efficient lighting upgrades help schools and colleges save on energy bills, and enhance learning environments.

Light the way to engaging learning

Lighting affects our health and wellbeing. It regulates our sleep cycles, mood, appetite, alertness, responses and many more of our human functions and behaviours.

LED Lighting technology produces colour temperatures that closely mimic natural daylight, which helps the brain become more alert.

Studies have shown installing a quality, full spectrum LED lighting system in educational facilities dramatically improves student concentration and performance.

Greenlite Group help design classrooms lighting that enhances awareness and alertness amongst students, helping students engage with learning.

The LED Benefit

– Improved learning experience
– Improved health and safety
– Up to 70% energy savings
– Reduced glare, buzzing and flickering
– Reduced CO2 emissions
– Reduced maintenance

Protecting your school’s budget

We work alongside specialist energy efficiency funding and finance such as Salix Finance to help protect your school’s budget and, if a finance option is chosen we will present a payment scheme that reflects the energy savings on your lighting.

The perfect process

1. Our qualified engineers visit each site to survey the existing lighting systems.
2. Our experienced lighting designers source replacement products to meet your requirements. Where possible, we will source replacements that are compatible with the existing housing to keep installation costs down. A detailed proposal will analyse your existing and proposed technologies, the financial savings achievable and list any grants available.
3. Our skilled engineering team will install the new technologies at the agreed time, to limit disruption to your workplace. A risk assessment and method statement is carried out before work commences to ensure the health and safety of everyone on site.

Achieving energy targets

On average, 20% of a schools energy cost is from its lighting. The UK government have set a target to reduce UK emissions by at least 80% by 2050. Greenlite Group is on a mission to assist schools, colleges and universities reach this target, by upgrading to a quality, energy efficient LED lighting system.

We don’t stop there

Engaging students in taking responsibility for the site’s energy usage will give them lifelong skills to help develop a sustainable future.

Greenlite Group representatives are available to deliver class presentations or assemblies that focus on energy reduction and how they can help at home and at school.

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