Greenlite Group’s specialist energy efficiency financing helps projects take flight, because we always deliver quick wins and maximum ROI. Greenlite Group lighting finance solutions offer immediate savings. The lighting pays for itself in money saved on your energy bills.


We can help your organisation find solutions to finance the energy efficiency upgrades you need.

Our Energy Efficiency Finance Scheme promises both instant wins and excellent ROI to ensure your energy efficiency projects go ahead for greater long-term energy efficiency.
3 reasons to upgrade now

Energy Savings
Save up to 70% on your lighting and general energy consumption with modern, efficient technology from Greenlite Group.

Health & Safety
Ensure your premises meet current industry lighting legislation for ultimate peace of mind.

Create comfortable, pleasant working environments built to truly reflect your brand.

Let’s talk about

Finance Plans

You can have the latest technology, without the capital cost. Greenlite Group’s Finance Plan will help you unlock instant savings on your energy bills.

How does Greenlite Group finance work?


The monthly finance costs are fixed, allowing you to budget accurately for up to 5 years.

No deposit needed
No deposit or large capital cost is required, helping you preserve your cashflow for use in other areas of your business.

Maintenance included
Your payment also includes maintenance provided by Greenlite Group, guaranteeing your product for the life of the lease.

Tax deductible
Lease payments are fully tax deductible against taxable profits.

The benefits of finance


Here’s what makes finance packages make commercial sense…

No risk – and no upfront capital outlay needed

Savings on electricity bills – will outweigh the lease cost

Full warranty & full maintenance – included for the duration of the lease

‘End to end’ project delivery – from supply to installation and maintenance

Fully maintained – no ongoing work for you to do

“Why tie up valuable capital expenditure when you can take advantage of tax efficient finance to fund your investments? Many lease payments are deductible against profits.”