Five reasons warehouse management should invest in workplace wellbeing

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Five reasons warehouse management should invest in workplace wellbeing

Greenlite Group explains how investing in your workforce will pay dividends in the long term



It’s a shocking statistic, but according to the HSE an estimated 555,000 workers sustained non-fatal injuries in 2017/18. And while this figure applies across all industries, we know warehousing is a notoriously dangerous environment, where slips, trips and vehicle accidents can all too easily occur.

With work-related ill health cases nudging the 1.4 million mark, there’s never been a more urgent need for wellbeing to be promoted to the top of every industry’s agenda. And when it comes to warehousing, simple investments like quality LED lighting can make a real difference to your workforce. Here, Greenlite Group outlines five good reasons to invest in workplace wellbeing.


As any manager knows, you’re only as good as your team. By investing in the wellbeing of your workforce, you’re prioritising their health and happiness, which ultimately increases engagement and also efficiency. Indeed, stats from the CIPD suggest healthy, engaged employees are on average up to 30 days more productive.

At Greenlite Group, we know just how essential good lighting is for productivity. Dim warehouse conditions can lead to packing errors and cause concentration issues, while a bright, evenly-lit environment heightens alertness, making people more efficient. LEDS also come into their own here, because sensors and dimmers ensure the level of illumination can be tweaked throughout the day to bolster the needs of the workforce.


In 2016/17, a staggering 12.5 million working days were lost to stress, while the annual cost of new cases of work-related ill health comes to an eyewatering 9.7billion.

There is no doubt warehouses can be physically hazardous, with fast moving vehicles, dingy lighting and the potential for trips and slips, but a focus on wellbeing can help mitigate these issues.

Take traditional fluorescent strip lighting, for example, which flickers and is often associated with eyestrain and headaches. Replace it with a carefully-designed combination of LED high bays, task lighting and floodlights, and you can make radical improvements to visibility. Not only can this investment reduce eyestrain, it can also eradicate patches of glare and shadow, giving vehicle operators better lines of sight and improving safety.

Retention and reputation

Hanging onto reliable members of staff can be a challenge, but prioritising their wellbeing radically increases the odds that they’ll stick around. By promoting a work/life balance, providing a pleasant, well-lit work environment and encouraging regular breaks, you can ensure your workforce feel valued.

Security lighting is the perfect example here. Imagine pulling up in a dark car park, ready to start your night shift. Poor lighting casts shadows in every direction, leaving you anxious about who might be lurking and fearful for your safety. Now, picture arriving to brightly lit parking area, with clearly illuminated pathways leading you to the door. This latter employee feels protected, valued and arrives at work with positive attitude.


If investment in wellbeing boosts productivity, improves retention and lowers absenteeism, then it also holds vast benefits for your bottom line. And when it comes to lighting, consider the efficiency of LED fixtures. They last longer – up to 50 times the lifespan of an incandescent bulb – meaning less cash is spent on costly replacements, and less man-hours are taken up replacing bulbs at height.


Of course, protecting your team’s wellbeing is about far more than the bottom line – it’s also the right thing to do. We owe it to our workforce to look after them, value them and prioritise their physical and mental health. Not only is this an ethical no brainer, it will also speak volumes when it comes to your firm’s reputation.


At Greenlite Group, we believe good lighting has a powerful influence on wellbeing and productivity. That’s why we’re encouraging those in the industry to take part in our WELL Warehouse survey, and tell us how lighting improvements have changed their workspace for the better. Find out more HERE.

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