For World FM day Greenlite asks: How does lighting help deliver positive experiences?

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For World FM day Greenlite asks: How does lighting help deliver positive experiences?

World Facilities Management Day (FM day) takes place on the 17th of May. It’s the perfect time to rediscover how people-friendly lighting is benefitting facilities up and down the UK.

The theme for FM day this year focuses on enabling positive experiences, an area of crucial interest here at Greenlite Group. We are always keen to develop and extend our contribution to customer experiences through the positives of the lighting solutions we offer.

To celebrate FM day, we’ve picked out 4 examples illustrating how workplace and commercial lighting can help facilities managers deliver extra value, that delivers in the long term, making for happier people and more comfortable estates.

Improved illumination increases sales

Greenlite Group’s energy efficient lighting is having a positive impact on sales and energy savings at Harvey’s furniture stores.

Greenlite’s Group’s retail lighting specialists were tasked to provide a solution to reduce the amount of lighting load, but improve the appearance of the lighting over the furniture scenes within the Harvey’s furniture stores.

The new, direction orientated LED retail lighting technology has enabled Greenlite Group to save an average Harvey’s store over £21,000 over a 5 year life cycle.

Some stores have reported a 264% increase in sales, proving that energy efficiency does not mean compromising on customer experience.

Mood and productivity

At Greenlite Group, we believe that a healthy workplace, that puts people at its heart, is the most valuable investment a business can make. So, when we outgrew our old offices, we decided to design our new offices with our people in mind.

Studies show that the modern ‘human centric’ LED lighting we used can spark a whopping 23% jump in productivity. To achieve our further objectives, maximising daylight was also essential.

Our design scheme was designed to allow light to flood through the individual ‘glass’ rooms – each of which benefited from large windows. Our aims were to create naturally lit, well ventilated, and energy efficient working environments, thereby boosting our team’s morale in the workplace.

Enhanced aesthetics

Greenlite’s Group’s retail lighting experts were given the task of providing an optimised lighting solution for Bensons for Beds.

The objective was to reduce the power consumption of the lighting within shops, without compromising light levels and aesthetics over the furniture showrooms within the stores.

The solution involved replacing the existing lighting with a more energy efficient LED solution. This reduced the electricity consumption attributed to in-store lighting by over 70%, while maintaining acceptable light levels and colour rendition in the showroom areas.

And, the reduced power costs and maintenance guarantee has saved a typical store over £21,000 over the 5 year warranty period.

Customer comfort

When Waterstones approached us for advice on how to maintain the efficiency of lighting and HVAC at their 280 stores, we uncovered a brief that called for a holistic approach to lighting and energy management.

For Britain’s biggest bookseller, the quick resolution of lighting and HVAC faults by a reliable, lighting and electrical maintenance partner was a top priority. The company was acutely aware of the need to keep stores well-lit: any failure to replace failed lamps in ‘hard to reach’ areas would ultimately have a negative impact on customer comfort, experience and sales.

We were able to propose simple, cost-effective steps to reduce energy wastage immediately, such as swapping old, inefficient lighting with modern LED technology.

“In every way, LED technologies can help the FM sector raise its game,” comments Bob Hall, Greenlite Group Managing Director. “We’re delighted to look at new, bespoke solutions for any business wanting to improve its physical environment.”

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