Greenlite explains: The key benefits of the right retail lighting maintenance partner

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Greenlite explains: The key benefits of the right retail lighting maintenance partner

Among all the challenges that affect retail managers, lighting maintenance often isn’t top of the list. But there are some compelling reasons to make it so.

Those who work on the front line of retail are well aware of how crucial well maintained shop lighting is. Without regular checks and attention, your LED downlights, spotlights and display lighting can all fail.

When they do, the failure risks damaging reputation and losing valuable customers and sales. But such perils are easily avoided, simply by setting up comprehensive and affordable maintenance systems.

Here’s our simple explainer on what retail lighting maintenance can do for your company…

How does it work?

Greenlite’s maintenance programmes include reactive lighting maintenance that covers relampingtesting of emergency lighting and general electrical issues. As you might guess, this involves reacting to maintenance alerts.

But we offer planned maintenance too, and this is often the best way to go. We will look closely at your lighting system in a holistic way to minimise failures. We’ll see if any aspect of it can be improved to reduce the running costs.

We’ll also recommend design changes to increase staff comfort, reduce energy consumption or improve the aesthetics and general ambience.

Rather than ‘just patch things up,’ planned maintenance looks closely at lighting systems to see where improvements could be made. Coupled with this, our online records ‘flag’ stores that have required an unusually high level of maintenance, so that we can investigate.

All in all, planned maintenance represents a proactive approach, that delivers improved, more reliable systems.

Do you have nationwide coverage?

We cover the whole of the UK with special focus on areas of high customer densities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Bristol.

Plus, our engineers are available at very short notice to deal with any commercial lighting maintenance issue. We already deliver nationwide support to over 9,000 customer sites, supported by a dedicated team of over 30 engineers.

Can I afford it?

Our charging system is completely transparent, with a fixed schedule of rates and a fixed price for materials.

We will also quote to repair any lighting or electrical fault for free. To make sure you know exactly what was done and how long it took, we can email the engineer’s worksheet upon request as soon as the job is complete.

We appreciate cost is a major concern for every business. We will do all we can to deliver bespoke maintenance coverage that fits your needs and budgets.

What are other key benefits of lighting maintenance from Greenlite?

Minimal disruption is behind everything we do. We will spot maintenance issues early and get on site within 4 hours of a callout. This, in turn, protects you from losing customers, keeps your staff safe, protects your stock and offers peace of mind.

Every aspect of a successful business relies on light. It’s the one area you can’t afford to skimp on.

What should I do next?

Give us a call today. We will be happy to visit your site, analyse your existing setup and recommend improvements.

And if you want to know more, check our case studies. You can discover the outcomes of our maintenance and lighting work with Theo Paphitis Retail Group, Wickes, Howdens, Waterstones and a host of other top level firms.

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