​Greenlite Group launches new thermal imaging service

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​Greenlite Group launches new thermal imaging service

At Greenlite Group we’ve recently introduced thermal imaging surveys to our portfolio of services. Thermal imaging is a fast and efficient process that assists with electrical compliance and reduces the risk of fires. But what does a survey involve, and why is it necessary? Here we answer some of your most frequently asked questions.


What is a thermal imaging survey?

Loose connections and load imbalances are not always apparent or detected by conventional checks such as routine maintenance or periodic test and inspection: this can lead to a build-up of heat. A thermal imaging survey involves the use of an infra-red camera to locate localised heat build-up, which over a period of time can result in failure, and at worst fire.

Wiring and switchgear, motors and generators, distribution and electrical equipment under load; all can be inspected thermally. This saves time and disturbances to normal operation, but more crucially keeps your buildings and staff both risk-free and operating at their best.

Why is a thermal imaging survey necessary?

Used in conjunction with the BS7671 fixed wiring inspection and testing examination, this service delivers the most comprehensive insight into the condition of an electrical installation.

If you want to improve health, safety and efficiency, and potentially reduce insurance premiums within your business, a thermal imaging survey is an important service to understand and invest in.

Failure to carry out periodic inspection & testing could invalidate your insurance cover in the event of a claim. Further, you have a duty of care to employees and by endangering their lives you could be held responsible and prosecuted, under HSE laws.

Thermal imaging is not a mandatory requirement but it significantly reduces the chances of electrical fires.

Will it be disruptive to my business?

Whether you are a retail, office, or hospitality business, the survey can be carried out during normal working hours with minimal disruption to customers and staff.

With Greenlite, one of our experienced engineers will carry out the survey. Duration depends on the size of the building and the intricacies of your site.


The nature of the survey requires the building to be running as per normal, so there is no downtime and no implications for your IT systems.

What happens if faults are found?

If our engineers find any issues, these are recorded and presented to the client in the form of a defects report. A plan of action is then formulated and remedial works can be carried out.

If a fault is found to pose a danger to the building or the people in it, we will seek authorisation to carry out emergency repairs without the need to lock off the system.

A thermal imaging survey can also be used to locate heat loss from buildings, mechanical bearing and winding deterioration, refractory deterioration or insulation failure. All of these checks offer cost saving and safety benefits.

To learn more about our thermal imaging service, contact Greenlite Group today.

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