Greenlite Group welcomes workplace wellbeing research

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Greenlite Group welcomes workplace wellbeing research

Greenlite Group has embraced a landmark study by the British Council for Offices, which sets a new agenda for wellbeing in the workplace.

Entitled “Wellness matters: health and wellbeing in offices and what to do about it”, the report is one of the largest research projects to have been carried out in the industry. Shockingly, it reveals that one in six workers believe their office is having a negative impact on their health and wellbeing.

Wellness Matters, which cost £100K and took a year to complete, emphasises that businesses proactively investing in wellbeing are benefiting from increased productivity, reduced illness and improved reputation.

The study delivers a practical and professional guide to creating a healthy environment across the different stages of a building’s life cycle, from design, construction and leasing to occupation and asset management. Within this guide, the importance of light is emphasised throughout every stage, from choosing a site right through to refurbishment and fit out.

Bob Hall, Greenlite’s managing director, says: “We wholeheartedly welcome this study, which highlights the need for a collaborative focus on making buildings as healthy as possible, through every stage of their lifecycle.

“As one of the UK’s leading lighting designers, we are well versed in the pivotal role lighting can play when it comes to improving employee safety, happiness and productivity.

“We at Greenlite hope Wellness Matters will encourage everyone – from architects through to designers, occupants and employers – to focus on creating healthy workspaces, where workplace wellbeing is right at the top of the agenda.”

To download the BCO report in full click here

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