Greenlite lighting solutions to offer commercial lighting fixed term leasing

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Greenlite lighting solutions to offer commercial lighting fixed term leasing

In response to the urgent requirement of clients to take advantage of up to 70% energy savings achievable by the installation of low energy lighting systems, Greenlite lighting Solutions ltd is to offer fixed term leasing to commercial clients looking to invest in this state of the art technology.

Fixed term leasing provides many benefits for commercial customers. Most importantly it enables commercial organisations to purchase the low energy lighting equipment over a fixed time period. For companies who don’t have the funds in reserve, or who have not budgeted for an unknown capital expenditure project, this enables them to buy equipment today that might otherwise take years to fund.

Because the low energy lighting solutions save money the moment they are installed, this means that businesses can save money in month 1 with no payback period as the monthly energy savings are nearly always more than the monthly lease costs and because its fixed term leasing, it means that after the leasing period is finished, the equipment is owned by the client. The savings then significantly jump after this leasing period because the savings are still being made but no payment costs are incurred.

It is very rare in business that an opportunity arises to reduce costs so significantly without the need for a capital injection of cash up front, but this is exactly what fixed term leasing offers commercial customers who want to drastically reduce their lighting energy costs.

Bob Hall, Director Greenlite lighting solutions ltd said

“We have been providing low energy lighting solutions for many years and now maintain over 5,500 sites across the UK for companies such as Harveys the Furniture Store, but the problem we found going forward was that the restriction on bank lending was making it more difficult for companies to fund the changeover to low energy lighting, which seems ridiculous when you think that the energy savings can be as high as 70%. By offering fixed term leasing, it simply removes cost from the equation altogether for our clients so we can get on installing the low energy lighting systems and they can start saving money straightaway”.

Greenlite lighting solutions ltd is a company specialising in commercial environmental lighting providing a focused approach to environmental lighting management from the design of lighting systems, the supply of energy efficient lighting through to the installation and maintenance of the complete integrated lighting system.

The mission is to provide tangible lighting solutions designed to reduce energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, respond to all current legislation and maximise any financial incentives available to commercial companies looking to change to environmental lighting options.

They are already responsible for providing leading edge environmental lighting solutions to companies such as Wickes, Homestyle, Blockbusters, Travis Perkins, Howdens Joinery, Bella Italia, BMW, Volkswagon, Mini UK, Focus DIY , Harveys Furniture, Bensons for Beds, Sleepmasters, Total Fitness and B&M Bargains.

Greenlite lighting solutions ltd has been established to provide a one source, environmental lighting service for industrial and commercial companies by providing a turn-key solution covering environmental energy services, auditing, lighting design, supply, installation, maintenance and fixed term leasing.

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