Greenlite welcomes industry data that puts lighting upgrades at the top of green energy target

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Greenlite welcomes industry data that puts lighting upgrades at the top of green energy target

Here at Greenlite, we’re pleased to report a continued emphasis on investment in energy efficient lighting from UK firms. It’s among key findings in leading enviro-tech publisher’s latest business energy efficiency probe.

76% of respondents told EDIE’s industry survey that efficient lighting systems are their top energy focus this year. The numbers, which make lighting the biggest target for energy efficiency spend for the second year running, show a continued demand for more efficient lighting (both retrofit and new fittings) across a range of sectors.

The replies, sourced from the energy managers at 381 UK firms, point to surging interest in keeping the lights on sustainably.

Financing the future

EDIE’s findings make for very welcome reading. Yet despite the fast ripening, low-hanging fruit in lighting efficiency, the challenge remains that companies are struggling to find the cash for upgrades.

‘Funding is considered the greatest barrier to initiating energy saving programmes within organisations,’ said the survey. It is proof of how welcome more flexible and user friendly financing would be. This data is supported by another new industry review, which finds that almost two thirds of respondents said availability of funds was the biggest barrier to implementing smart technologies.

These obstacles could easily be overcome, the data argues. It notes that intelligent lighting can cut energy bills by up to 80%, but tellingly reveals that lack of long-term strategic plans (and finance) mean a third of businesses don’t install such smart tech.

As we all know, long term strategies just can’t be developed without trustworthy financing schemes.

The evidence is twofold, and undeniable. UK businesses want ‘in’ on lighting efficiency. They just need to place their trust in the finance schemes – and start reaping the benefits of energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

No risk financing

Experience shows us that many companies can be wary of finance schemes which sound ‘too good to be true’. The truth of the matter is, many of these schemes really are as good as they look – and the benefits to the customer are very significant. For example, our own Greenlite Lighting Finance Scheme (backed by the Carbon Trust and Siemens) allows clients to pay for the cost of their upgrade through monthly payments which are outweighed by the savings made on energy bills. There is no risk and no upfront capital outlay, and no catch! It’s as simple as that.

Lighting finance schemes like the one offered by Greenlite really do provide a very easy, no risk route for organisations to reduce bills and improve their working environments through better lighting.

If your business is looking to make an investment in energy efficient lighting and you want to know how the numbers (and the savings!) stack up, drop us a line at

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