Greenlite welcomes investments in LED Lighting – as noted in Bloomberg Energy Trends Report

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Greenlite welcomes investments in LED Lighting – as noted in Bloomberg Energy Trends Report

The latest EEVS Bloomberg report Energy Efficiency Trends 2017 is out. It is essential reading for anyone with a remit to reduce, manage, or buy energy for their organisation. It reveals that energy efficient lighting is the ‘go to’ technology for firms seeking retrofit improvements.

The report in detail

The Report makes no quibbles; it categorically details that high efficiency lighting remains the lead technology, and was incorporated within seven out of ten recent investments.

It notes that this last quarter also saw a sharp, unusual rise in smart metering and cooling/air conditioning technologies.

But overall, lighting is far and away the most compelling story. The news confirms the sense on the ground; LED lighting is steadily taking over in today’s corporate UK.

Sector looks rosy

There is wider positivity to match lighting’s especially buoyant outlook.

The Report finds that amongst energy efficient technology suppliers, the sector’s positive outlook appears to reflect further increases in order book growth, allied with increased spending.

In Q1 2017, 8 out of 10 suppliers reported that order levels are either remaining stable or are increasing, reveals EEVS and Bloomberg.

Intriguingly, ‘Customer payback expectations softened a touch, moving out towards 4 years. This quarter also saw almost 40% of consumers reporting 5 year plus payback expectations for their energy efficiency investments.’

Further news on spending on energy efficiency is encouraging; spend is rising, but remains well within easily achievable finance structures for tomorrow’s potential LED converts.

‘Consumer spending ticked up again this quarter; median project values edged to a new high of £260,000 per project, against £50,000 to £100,000 when the survey began in 2012,’ says EEVS.

Alongside positive supplier feedback, this suggests that energy efficiency is currently a growth sector within the U.K. economy.

Energy efficiency’s strength in depth

“EEVS and Bloomberg’s findings match the experiences we are having on the ground,” comments Bob Hall, Managing Director at Greenlite Group.

“We’re seeing a genuine sense that the time to make practical, cash saving LED lighting installations is now. These don’t have to come as part of an overall retrofit, but when they do the improvements and hence the overall metrics and savings become even more exciting.

“It doesn’t surprise us that our sector-specific positivity comes while overall spending seems controlled and inflation is up.

“The truth is that energy efficiency represents a superb bottom line saving once the tech is in place. In today’s cash-strapped environment, there’s no getting away from the fact that few alternatives improve your bottom line and your business so well.”

The Report shows that available budgets must be spent on more and more compelling, cash-efficient alternatives. And in this sense, the recent numbers show that energy and lighting efficiency can’t be beaten.

For more information on energy efficiency from lighting – contact the Greenlite Group team.

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