Greenlite’s latest analysis; new results prove energy efficiency is a retail lighting must have

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Greenlite's latest analysis; new results prove energy efficiency is a retail lighting must have

A recent report offers evidence that greener, more sustainable stores boost retail profit. And, adding sustainable lights in the mix provides a host of additional benefits for both people and planet.

‘In the UK, retail accounts for 43% of the value of commercial property; retail outlets are the biggest emitters of CO2 within the commercial sector.’ Thus begins a World Green Building Council (WBGC) report, targeted at greening up the massive UK retail sector and calling to action retail managers who provide and organise the space.

The report’s fundamentals are simple and direct; ‘Better environments lead to better experiences for people, and that leads to better economics for retailers.’

It’s good news for all concerned. It confirms what we at Greenlite have known for some time; energy efficient lights boost your bottom line, plus they make for happier shoppers, staff and improve sustainability.

Of the 10 steps the report suggests retail managers must address, lighting comes first. ‘The amount of lighting within a building can influence the occupants’ comfort, mood, health and safety,’ it says. Light directly impacts how we spend too. What further measures and profit boosting change does the study advocate?

The path to retail lighting redemption

The report argues, ‘A designer can positively influence building lighting design by ensuring light fixtures have a high CRI.’ Today’s LED lights excel at excellent colour rendering, making products look beautiful and pleasing shoppers.

Indeed, the paper notes further that LEDs, ‘Now offer a real alternative to conventional lighting with luminaire efficiencies exceeding traditional technology.’

The document also hints designers can, and should create retail environments that promote shopper and staff wellbeing through consideration of aesthetics and ergonomics. ‘This should include careful consideration of advertising, feature lighting, cleanliness and maintenance,’ it continues.

One case study, detailed within the paper, suggests tenants are encouraged to retain a specialist lighting consultant, to ensure that appropriate illumination is provided and glare is minimised.

As retail lighting experts, we can’t advocate this step enough. We can provide a thorough evaluation of your lighting estate, its maintenance needs, the needs of your staff and ways to add value estate-wide.

Key elements, like controlling glare, optimum colour rendering and ensuring lights aren’t too hot, are all things we take into account. We do this as part of an overall ‘health check’ on your buildings, and the impacts better LEDs could have on the people working and shopping there.

The importance of customer experience when specifying energy efficient retail lighting.

We welcome this report, because crucially it puts the customer experience first. Doing so creates beautiful retail environments, that come with added CSR and cost benefits that LED and efficient lighting bring.

And of course, just contact us here for information on our efficient lighting, maintenance and auditing services.

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