How are you contributing to Global Sharing Week?

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How are you contributing to Global Sharing Week?

On 16th-22nd June 2019, we will see the world transform by the efforts of people worldwide, contributing to Global Sharing Week and, there’s no better time to explore just how much impact your footprints have on the world.


Global Sharing Week is a movement created by The People Who Share, a social enterprise company that helps people and companies discover the power of the Sharing Economy. Their mission, is to mainstream the Sharing Economy worldwide, so our world can go round in ways in which people share assets, resources and knowledge to constantly enhance our ways of working, learning and experiencing.

Sharing has the power to change the world and collectively, if we take responsibility and accountability for our own actions, we can transform cities, societies and economies.

Global sharing week enables people who believe in the future of a sustainable earth to come together and share resources, stories and knowledge that can help bring us together in one happy, sustainable society.

For the entire week in June, we will see partners and participants all over the world holding events, activities, consultancy, volunteering and contributing on social media to promote various initiatives to assist the movement and promote the power of sharing.

In 2018, global sharing week saw a total of 456 events take place in 247 cities across 39 countries and this year is forecast to be even bigger and better than the last.

To find an event near you or to become inspired by ideas fir hosting your own even you can visit:

Let us know what you get up to so we can help promote your events and efforts!


Happy Global Sharing Week



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