How to find a trustworthy maintenance supplier

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How to find a trustworthy maintenance supplier

If you’re on the hunt for a new lighting maintenance provider, protect your business by asking a few key questions…

Hidden charges, worthless warranties, a poor quality service chain and over pricing– these are just some of the past experiences we hear from our new clients, eager to make the switch from an unreliable maintenance provider. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly clear that for SMEs, finding a trustworthy supplier in a crowded marketplace can be bewildering at best. Make a poor choice and unanticipated costs can sneak in, playing havoc with the all-important bottom line. Here, we give you our top tips for savvy supplier hunting…

Demand total transparency

When looking for a reputable firm, check you won’t be surprised with hidden nasties. Ask to see a company price list, confirm you won’t be hit with call out fees or fuel costs, and that you won’t be charged for a quote. It’s worth adding, if a quote seems too good to be true, the chances are it is.

At Greenlite Group, our charging system is 100% transparent, which creates a relationship built on trust. We work to fixed rates and material prices, and can email you the engineer’s worksheet as soon as a job is done. That means you know exactly what was done, and how long it took. Of course we’ll happily undertake a quote for free, too.

Investigate your support network

When looking for a maintenance contract, ensure you’ll be given an account manager to take care of your needs. Confirm that the engineers are all qualified for the job too. With Greenlite Group, you can rest assured that every member of our team is fully qualified, as well as accredited for working at height and with asbestos. Each client also has a dedicated account manager, who is always readily available on the end of the phone. You’ll receive nothing but transparent, excellent customer service.

Check out the dress code

Do customers come onto your premises? If so, don’t forget to check your supplier’s engineers will be kitted out appropriately. It may sound trivial, but image matters – if your clients see shabby-looking staff, it won’t reflect well on your business. The Greenlite team are all smartly dressed, in branded clothing. More importantly still, they know how to keep disruption to a minimum, letting you and your employees crack on with your working day.

Above all, when looking for a reputable firm, the best advice is the simplest: trust your gut! Don’t be afraid to ask all these questions, and more. An honest provider will have nothing to hide.

To find out how Greenlite Group can enable your business to benefit from lighting maintenance, call 0844 880 2116.

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