Intelligent lighting: Ten reasons it’s brilliant for business

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Intelligent lighting: Ten reasons it’s brilliant for business

With the latest LED technologies, you’ll boost your profit, up your eco credentials and improve user comfort

When it comes to saving energy – and money – installing modern lighting controls is a no-brainer. With innovative new solutions on the scene, such as the Lumiqs LED HighBay, it’s easier than ever to save cash, improve staff comfort and reduce your carbon footprint into the bargain.

Still need convincing? Read on to discover the advantages of swapping outmoded fluorescent high bays and traditional incandescent bulbs for their energy efficient younger brother…

1. You won’t waste light

Intelligent high bays are kitted out with motion sensors, so the LEDs only switch on when movement is detected. This makes them extremely efficient in areas of occasional use, such as stock or meeting rooms. You won’t waste light (and money) illuminating an empty space. If you prefer, you can set intelligent lighting to remain on at a low level even when there’s no footfall. Rest assured, you’ll still be making sizeable energy savings.

2. Intuitive and user-friendly

Lumiqs HighBays that are clustered in groups can be set to ‘talk’ via a Wi-Fi signal. This means that when movement triggers one light to illuminate 100%, the next automatically begins to brighten, seamlessly and safely lighting your path.

3. A flexible solution

The clever design by Lumiqs means each of the four LED panels can be rotated, enabling you to shed light precisely where you need it. That means you can disperse light over a broad space, or focus it on a specific area.

4. Better quality of light

LEDs offer more accurate colour rendition, which makes the environment more pleasant and showcases products to their full potential. Improving the quality of light also has huge benefits in a workplace where colour detail and accuracy are key, such as a printing firm.

5. Improved working conditions

Intelligent lighting solutions can also be fitted with daylight sensors. These monitor the amount of natural light within a space and ensure that when it dips below a certain level, the LEDs automatically kick in. Clever technology means they won’t dazzle you – instead, they’ll just top up the ambient light so it reaches the desired level, as pre-set by you.

6. Lower maintenance costs

LED bulbs can last twice as long as their fluorescent counterparts, plus they are simpler to maintain. That means you’ll spend less money and man-hours on replacements and repairs.

7. Improved eco credentials

It’s likely that lighting accounts for up to 40% of your energy consumption. But LEDs consume up to 80% less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs, meaning you’ll shave thousands off your bills. They’ll also make your business more eco-friendly, boosting your reputation into the bargain.

8. Easy to retrofit

Your current fittings don’t need to limit your options. Lumiqs HighBays are simple to connect and can be easily retrofitted, with minimal fuss.

9. Capital contributions

When it comes to investing in new lighting technologies, don’t be deterred by the initial outlay. Greenlite Group is Carbon Trust accredited, which means eligible customers can receive a capital contribution of up to 15% of the project cost, up to a maximum of £5,000.

10. You’ll make your money back – and more

Investing in LED lighting technologies will pay dividends in years to come. When Greenlite Group replaced the lighting at Bensons for Beds with an energy efficient LED solution, their energy bills dipped dramatically and a typical store saved an incredible £21,000 over five years.

You’ll find more information on making positive energy changes in our book, Knowledge is Power, the Greenlite guide to smarter energy. For your copy, contact call us on 0844 880 2116.

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