Is ESOS enough? How to light a long term energy efficiency fire using the Government’s ESOS audit(s) spark

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Is ESOS enough? How to light a long term energy efficiency fire using the Government's ESOS audit(s) spark

As the Government’s ESOS enforcement deadline passes, businesses must take up the mantle themselves, shifting the scheme from its mandatory reporting phase into an all out drive for efficiency installation.

Many commentators feel the Government’s ESOS scheme is reaching the most challenging point of its evolution so far. Why? Because we will soon know whether businesses start to embed audit recommendations, and actually deliver on the scheme’s potential.

To recap, ESOS makes reporting on energy efficiency mandatory, but what it does not do is enforce the requirement to put in place the audit suggestions.

Some have argued this potential disparity is the scheme’s main weakness, and that Government should have built mandatory installation into the legislation.

The Government, in turn, admits that businesses don’t like being forced to spend money, or indeed have any element of their financial behaviour enforced externally. It wants them to step up voluntarily to deliver efficiency.

This trade off has brought ESOS to its evolution to date. Most firms, over half, are compliant, technically at least. But what true improvements, and what greener UK business practice will their compliance really sow?

The answer depends on a simple, as yet unknown parameter. Are UK firms persuaded to take the next step to installation themselves?

Why businesses themselves should make ESOS a winner

At Greenlite, we remain convinced that taking the next step, and installing the energy efficient lighting that’s often recommended within ESOS audits is not only sensible, it’s essential.

There are of course some concrete financial wins. Typical energy savings of over 70% can be made over existing lighting solutions to give a positive whole life cost. The return on the investment is immediate if flexible and bespoke leasing options are explored.

Moreover, efficient lighting can be effectively identified as part of an overall Greenlite efficiency audit. Whether you need to check on lighting’s role within building management systems, or overall energy audits, we can help. By investing in our holistic solutions, you can embed overall efficiency in a more logical and ultimately more cost effective way.

We can also maintain and offer improvements and retrofits on your existing lighting solutions, so even if you don’t want to embed ESOS recommendations immediately, we can plan out a maintenance and upgrade programme that fits your needs.

The additional wins

Remember, staff are safer when energy efficient, brighter, more reliable light is used. Productivity and staff satisfaction are higher. Reputational, branding and CSR gains become available when you look to improve your estate’s efficiency metrics.

It’s for these reasons that we at Greenlite are so passionate about embedding the opportunities ESOS provides. Doing so saves money and energy. But it also futureproofs business and retail estates, and greens up UK business for a more positive, productive and viable overall future too.

Find out more about our Post-ESOS services and make sure your organisation makes the most of ESOS.

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