Joined-up thinking: the value of choosing suppliers who can deliver integrated services

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Joined-up thinking: the value of choosing suppliers who can deliver integrated services

Facilities managers have to monitor numerous parameters and make more decisions every month than they might care to contemplate. It’s for that reason that working with broadly-based service providers can make a lot of sense…

Canvas a selection of facilities managers (FMs) from medium-to-large-scale enterprises and it’s extremely unlikely you are going to hear many remarks to the effect that they have ‘time on their hands’. Maintaining and managing the core infrastructures of modern factories and office complexes has only become more demanding in recent years as new expectations have obliged FMs to think more carefully about issues such as wellness and energy consumption.

At this point in time many of the more progressive corporations have devised roadmaps for the adoption of more effective lighting, heating and air-conditioning systems. But there are plenty of others for whom a unified strategy has yet to materialise – and indeed for whom the attendant disruption and subsequent maintenance and support are likely to constitute a bar to further action. And when there is already plenty to worry about on a daily basis, it’s an understandable response.

It’s in this context that technology suppliers who can offer an integrated, broadly-based roster of services can really make a difference. At Greenlite we have long been aware that modern building systems – not to mention the attendant corporate investment and approval processes – mean that FMs have a lot to think about. That’s why, over the last half-decade in particular, we have spent a great deal of time expanding and fine-tuning our integrated services to accompany the supply and installation of, for example, a new LED-based lighting system.

Consequently, we now routinely work with companies on action plans that mean we can take away the hassle and burden of managing and maintaining their lighting and electrical assets, electrical compliance and new technology upgrades. Working to an agreed schedule we can guarantee that everything runs like clockwork, whilst also regularly updating FMs on further ways in which they can enhance the effectiveness of their core systems to the advantage of workers and the bottom line.

With the advent of sophisticated networked infrastructures adding to many FMs’ already substantial workloads, the value of working with suppliers who can take responsibility for individual systems is certain to become even more apparent in the future.

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