Leading lighting maintenance company backs calls for vigilance on emergency lighting maintenance

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Leading lighting maintenance company backs calls for vigilance on emergency lighting maintenance

The recent news that a Blackpool hotel manager has received a prison sentence for failing to ensure fire safety at his premises has sparked calls for greater vigilance regarding emergency lighting maintenance.

According to fire safety rules, building owners, occupiers or landlords must carry out regular checks on emergency lighting to ensure it is fully operational at all times. Failing to maintain an emergency lighting system can result in fines which run into tens of thousands of pounds, or a prison sentence for the responsible party.

Bob Hall, Managing Director of low energy lighting solutions company Greenlite, says, ‘Owners and facility managers need to remember the part they play in ensuring fire safety compliance. With no proper emergency lighting, building occupants are put in grave danger should a fire break out. At Greenlite, we offer emergency lighting maintenance as a service and never underestimate the importance of these vital system checks.’

The consequences of breaching fire safety at commercial premises such as hotels can be dire. If a fire authority deems that there is a very serious risk to life as a result of an improperly maintained lighting system, they can deem the premises unsuitable for sleeping. Recently, the hotel chain Travelodge faced a £13,000 fine for breaching fire safety rules at their Gatwick Airport premises.

Owners and facility managers are assured that, providing they perform a risk assessment, have a fire safety schedule and perform regular checks on their emergency lighting systems, they will be safe from legal implications.

‘We’re encouraged to see that the issue of emergency lighting maintenance is being taken seriously,’ adds Bob. ‘As a trusted commercial lighting maintenance company, skilled engineers from Greenlite can organise periodic, scheduled testing of emergency lighting for businesses. This takes away the hassle of performing regular system checks and ensures legal compliancy at all times.’

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