Lighting as a service: lighting it right.

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Lighting as a service: lighting it right.

For many businesses, investing in lighting is not a high priority on their to-do lists. But, there are plenty of compelling reasons why it should be. We wouldn’t ignore an employee falling asleep at their desk, or an incident on a warehouse floor, because we understand how they directly affect our bottom line. So, why would we ignore the source that provides us with healthy, energizing working environments? Sometimes, ignorance is bliss but, in this case ignorance to providing a quality lit environment is resulting in impairments to our employee’s vision, cognitive performance and emotional state.

Light has so much impact on our lifestyle, so how do we get businesses to embrace it?

Lighting is an essential part of our day to day operations, to provide visibility throughout our workspaces. It often occurs, that premises managers are not educated in the lighting market and, will buy the cheapest ‘off the shelf’ fitting to light their businesses. But, the consideration for our health, well-being and circadian rhythm, soon disappears.

Modern, LED lighting can slash your energy bills by up to 70%, whilst making dramatic improvements to your business objectives. As experts in lighting, this is where we introduce ‘Lighting as a service’, taking away the burden and responsibility of lighting it right.

Good lighting design is critical to achieve a perfectly lit space. It is essential correct light levels, colour temperatures and types of fitting are selected to ensure operational safety, clear stock inventory and staff productivity. Unfortunately, it happens all too often that replacement fittings do not match the output that the design intends and that’s why our business model is different to our competitors. We avoid trips to the wholesalers to avoid a miss-match display of store lighting. Instead, we take an asset register of your estate and our engineers carry a comprehensive level of stock in their vans, which are always less than 4 hours away.

We cover the whole of the UK, working with a variety of sectors, across a wide range of projects to improve the lighting systems, designed to deliver on the outcomes that matter to your business. A full spectrum LED lighting system is perfect for learning and working environments such as warehouses, offices and schools, whereas warmer colour temperatures will make a coffee shop feel more cozy and entice customers to hang around a little longer, indulging in your sweet treats.

To find out how we can work with you and improve the aesthetic appeal of your estate, call us on 0844 880 2116, or drop us an email to

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