Lighting for SMEs: why you need to make time for maintenance

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Lighting for SMEs: why you need to make time for maintenance

Think smart and invest in a solid lighting maintenance package – it’ll pay dividends

When maintaining a building it’s all too easy to focus on the obvious, such as keeping the windows sparkling or the floors free of grime. Lighting, however, is often overlooked, with the result that it can end up no longer working as efficiently as it should.

Bob Hall, director at Greenlite Group, says: “It’s easy to let maintenance slide in order to cut costs, but this can be a false economy. Lighting maintenance isn’t just about changing flickering light bulbs. It can help identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption – saving money and meeting environmental legislation.”

For an SME, lighting is often one of the biggest energy costs, and a simple schedule helps ensure you’re not throwing cash down the drain. As a starter, clean your fixtures regularly, to ensure they’re throwing out as much illumination as possible, and replace underperforming lights with fully functioning, low energy alternatives. Check security lights too, to ensure the daylight sensors are working correctly. You don’t want these energy-hungry beasts to be glaring out in broad daylight.

Bear in mind too, that lighting which isn’t regularly maintained may not be fulfilling important safety criteria. According to fire safety rules, building owners, occupiers or landlords must carry out regular checks on emergency lighting to ensure it is fully operational at all times. Failing to maintain an emergency lighting system can result in fines, running into tens of thousands of pounds.

Bob adds that this is one of the many lighting maintenance tasks Greenlite Group routinely performs for thousands of SMEs. He says: “Skilled engineers from Greenlite can organise periodic, scheduled testing of emergency lighting for businesses. This takes away the hassle of performing regular system checks and ensures legal compliancy at all times.”

With some 9,000 client sites across the UK, Greenlite Group offers a series of lighting packages, including planned and reactive maintenance, re-lamping and general maintenance.

Bob adds, “We look closely at your lighting system in a holistic way. First, we’ll see if any aspect of it can be improved to reduce the running costs. We’ll also recommend design changes to increase staff comfort, reduce energy consumption or improve the aesthetics and general ambience. Investment in maintenance can reduce costs, improve the work environment and increase productivity in the process. It’s a win-win!”

To find out how Greenlite Group can enable your business to benefit from lighting maintenance, call 0844 880 2116.

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