Lighting: How to make social media work for you

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Lighting: How to make social media work for you

With the right approach, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can help you gain insight and build trusted relationships within the lighting sector.

When it comes to social media in the lighting industry, the chances are you find yourself bombarded with posts, updates and information. It can be hard to know who to invest your precious time in following and, more importantly, whose expertise you should trust.

Used wisely, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter provide the perfect tools for ensuring you’re not left in the dark about the latest developments within the lighting trade. Here, we give some top tips to help you get the most out of industry social media and make it work to your advantage.

1. Expect expertise.

Look for firms who have their finger on the pulse, and the confidence to share their wealth of knowledge about the lighting industry. Whether it’s a discussion on intelligent lighting or energy saving advice for SME’s [links here to content], if a business offers you valuable content, you’ll know they’re on top of their game and that they take their role in the industry seriously. You should expect authority and expert advice, every time you log in.

2. Don’t be seduced by the hard sell.

A commercial lighting firm may incessantly tweet that their LEDS are the brightest and best, but try to see beyond the bluster. Any company worth their salt will back up product claims with engaging evidence, illustrating how their product stands out from the crowd. If a business is full of bravado and isn’t actually giving any thought provoking content about their product, unfollow them pronto.

3. Trust your gut.

We only do business with people we know, like and trust. If the tone of a firm’s social media doesn’t give you a good feel, or you’re not interested in what they have to say, steer well clear. It’s a bit like dating – if you have no values or ideals in common, you’ll struggle to build a worthwhile relationship.

4. Watch out for egomaniacs.

Be wary of firms that love the sound of their own voice and don’t put time and effort into their dialogue with their followers. If a business doesn’t respond quickly to comments – whether positive or negative – in this public forum, it certainly doesn’t bode well for their customer service capabilities or trustworthiness.

5. Look for consistency.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the public face of a brand, so look for firms that are passionate, and take the time to post regularly and consistently. Likewise if a business contradicts itself on social media, that’s a red flag, as are spelling mistakes.

Above all, when it comes to social media in the lighting industry, you should expect an honest, respectful and trustworthy service, just like we offer at Greenlite Group. Be wary of firms who use it to ‘cold call’ customers, and instead focus on brands that provide useful, thought provoking or even entertaining content.

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