Lighting maintenance company asks retailers: how do your customers see you?

Category: Lighting

Greenlite Lighting Maintenance urges companies to ask themselves a vital lighting question: “How do your customers see you?”

With its experience in commercial low-energy lighting, Greenlite understands that well-maintained lighting highlights merchandise and enhances customer experience. Tired-looking lighting or flickering lamps are not going to draw customers into a shop or encourage sales.

To combat these issues, Greenlite, a specialist in commercial lighting fixtures, offers both planned and reactive lighting maintenance to its clients. Greenlite also ensures that its planned maintenance includes examining the whole lighting system to see if the overall design or running costs can be improved.

Andy Chell, Sales and Marketing Manager of Greenlite Lighting Maintenance, says: “Lighting can make or break the interior design of a store. Our recent case studies have shown that well-designed retail lighting can increase sales by as much as 278%. And putting in place a strong maintenance programme will ensure that these benefits continue!”

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