Lighting maintenance expert says ‘buy cheap and you’ll get a cheap result’

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Greenlite Lighting Maintenance, an electrical maintenance expert, urges retailers to think before buying low-cost lighting products.

Andy Chell, Sales and Marketing Manager at the retail lighting specialist, Greenlite, says: “I know how tempting it is to go for the cheaper option – especially in times of belt-tightening.”

“But,” he warns, “this will actually result in higher costs further down the line. Cheap packages often contain poor-quality lamps and probably won’t include lighting maintenance for when those bulbs start flickering. This will result in a headache for both you and your poor customers!”

As a retail lighting solutions firm, Greenlite has worked with many businesses that have previously suffered the consequences of forgoing quality to save on costs. The lighting maintenance firm is pleased to see, however, more voices in the industry calling for customers to think before they buy.

Andy says: “My interest in providing both high-quality products and after sales care means I frequent the pages of lighting magazines. I am seeing more and more experts emphasise that the actual lighting is only part of what businesses should examine when considering a new installation.”

“This Lux article on the 30 rules for good lighting provides some great advice, such as ‘know your warranty’ and ‘if a maintenance plan isn’t mentioned, then it probably isn’t included.’ Basically, the cheaper an installation, the less likely it is to include these essential services.”

He adds: “Retailers should also look for suppliers that provide lighting specs up front and are willing to answer your questions immediately and in detail. Open, transparent and excellent customer service reflects good-quality lighting – with nothing to hide!”

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