Lighting upgrades for schools: The benefits

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Lighting upgrades for schools: The benefits

Lighting affects our well-being and health much more than people realise. Light regulates our sleep cycles, mood, appetite, alertness, responses and many more of our human functions and behaviours.

Students are at a significant age for cognitive development and it is important that learning can be communicated in the best environment possible. By harnessing the power of light, we can create engaging spaces that enhance productivity and motivation to learn.

Harvesting natural light in learning environments dramatically stimulates positive feelings and behavior, resulting in happier students, less absenteeism and ultimately, increased engagement.

Modern LED lighting with colour temperature control gives teachers the power to create the desired ambience for the type of learning being communicated. Cool lighting temperatures provided only by daylight and LED technology, helps the brain to become more active and alert during the school day. Warm lighting temperatures create a calm and relaxing environment, perfect for downtime in class, when less attention to detail is required.

Studies have shown, that installing modern, full spectrum LED lighting in schools dramatically improves concentration and cognitive performance in students. LED lighting also provides clarity of vision, resulting in quicker reading times, less frequent errors and more productive task work. Meaning, that for the full 30 hours per week spent in a classroom, student minds will perform better, in a quality learning environment.

There are lots of compelling reasons to upgrade your school lighting system

  • Enhanced quality working environments for students and staff.
  • Well-lit, comfortable working environments that enhance productivity.
  • Money saving opportunities through energy usage reduction.
  • Reduced glare, buzzing and flickering.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Reduced maintenance

Greenlite Group is on a mission to assist schools, colleges and universities, upgrade to a quality, energy efficient LED lighting system.

We work alongside organisations such as Salix Finance to help protect your schools budget and, if a finance option is chosen we will present a payment scheme that reflects the energy savings on your lighting.

To help you make the switch to LED smoothly and with confidence, we are offering a free lighting audit which includes; diagrams, design layout and turnkey proposal including paybacks with the energy savings from the upgrade, so you know exactly what you should expect from us.

Our services start with consultation and end with you enjoying your new lighting scheme. We will take care of everything in-house including; design, supply, installation and after sales maintenance. We are so confident with our solution, that we offer 8 year comprehensive warranties on parts and labour.

To book your free, no obligation lighting audit, email us at – or call us on 08000 27 27 27. We’ll be happy to help.

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