Low-energy lighting firm promotes LED use in multi-storey car parks

Category: Energy

Greenlite Lighting Solutions, a commercial lighting firm, recently presented a sales proposal detailing the benefits of LED luminaires for a car park in Wembley.

Greenlite, a specialist in energy-saving lighting, demonstrated that the installation of LEDs at the car park could make monetary savings of 72%, with a 44% saving in energy use, over a 5-year scheme. These savings are due to reduced power consumption and the use of occupancy sensors, meaning that the lights only switch on when movement is detected. The solution was also very easy to install, since new LED gear trays were designed to be retro-fitted into the existing lights, meaning the wiring was not disturbed.

The presentation highlighted the advantages of LED use in buildings, like multi-storey car parks, that use lighting 24 hours a day. As a green lighting expert, Greenlite is well-versed in the range of energy-efficient solutions for different commercial, industrial and retail buildings and helps companies find the solutions best suited to their needs.

Andy Chell, Sales and Marketing Manager at Greenlite Lighting Solutions, says: “Managers of buildings with intermittent lighting needs, like multi-storey car parks, need to realise that there is a better way to provide good lighting and ensure public safety – without racking up huge energy bills. LEDs can be highly energy- and cost-efficient, especially in environments like car parks.”

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