Over 90% of companies not ESOS compliant

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Over 90% of companies not ESOS compliant

Source: Energyzine

Under 10 per cent of businesses currently comply with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) guidelines less than a month before the initial deadline.

Only 753 companies have submitted paperwork of the 10,000 estimated to fall under the new energy efficiency scheme as of yesterday, with the government having updated its website to include a non-compliance form for firms expecting to miss the December 5 cut-off date.

The Environment Agency announced last month that it will not penalise companies which do not meet the deadline as long as they notify the government watchdog by the original deadline that they can meet the ESOS criteria by January 29 next year, in a move some experts called an “extension”.

The Environment Agency (EA) stated that the figure was “going up all the time,” whilst emphasising that the EA will not be changing its enforcement approach.

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