People-friendly retail lighting: Greenlite’s top 5 tips

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People-friendly retail lighting: Greenlite’s top 5 tips

Here at Greenlite Group, we want to make sure you aren’t left in the dark when it comes to your big retail lighting challenges. As we’re on a countdown to the Retail Design Expo (we’re all really excited to be exhibiting on Stand D36), we thought the time was right to talk about people-friendly lighting in retail applications.

Our in-house lighting design team – led by the Lighting Doctor – believe that using the right lighting is vital to boosting staff productivity, increasing sales and improving your bottom line!

Here’s 5 great reasons to put lighting on your priority list:

1. Fitting room lighting. This is crucial to get right, many purchasing decisions are made in here. Privacy means customers can choose in comfort, they shouldn’t be dazzled. Equally, they need to see aesthetics clearly and easily.

2. Directional store lighting. Directional lighting should highlight merchandise and key products, direct customers to the goods they need to see, and create a sensory pathway around the store. Use your best light to pinpoint your key sales targets.

3. The stockroom. Quick inventory and item location stem from better light. The more visibility; the greater your health and safety standards are, staff wellbeing and productivity increases and stock will be less prone to damage.

4. Staff health and wellbeing. One immediate benefit of LED lighting is simple; daylight colour temperature helps to counteract the effects of working in a windowless room all day. In fact, modern lighting can spark a 23% jump in productivity!

5. Energy Savings. Energy efficient store lighting is vital, both for the wider environment and your business bottom line. LEDs offer long service life and low maintenance costs and elements like occupancy sensors are ideal; benefiting health and safety as well as efficiency.

It can be confusing, this lighting malarkey. But I hope that these blogs are shedding a bit of light on what to think about and, most importantly, what to avoid.

Will you be at the Retail Design Expo? Book your free, no obligation session with the Lighting Doctor, or come and chat to the team on Stand D36.

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