Planned lighting maintenance expert forms partnership with Lighting and Interiors Online

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Greenlite Group

Greenlite Lighting Maintenance, a retail lighting firm, is excited to announce that its Sales and Marketing Manager, Andy Chell, is the new guest blogger for Lighting and Interiors Online Exhibition.

Lighting and Interiors is the UK’s first online lighting and interior design exhibition, created as a one-stop resource for a range of audiences. Andy Chell recently met with Terry Moutter, CEO of the firm, and found that they both share a passion for communicating honest and clear information about the lighting sector.

The site will now feature Andy’s regular Chell’s Chatter column, produced in collaboration with technology PR and energy PR agency Content Communications. Greenlite Lighting Solutions, a planned lighting maintenance firm based in Lancashire, is pleased to see Andy’s refreshingly honest advice on energy efficient lighting shared with a wider audience.

Andy says: “For me, my job is all about helping firms find great value, low energy lighting installations that are right for them. I know that the lighting industry can be confusing, so it’s vital that people are able to access simple information about good lighting practices.”

He adds: “Chell’s Chatter has been great platform for me to communicate my reflections on some of the issues I see within the industry – with a bit of humour thrown in! I am so happy that Lighting and Interiors Online shares this ethos and I look forward to contributing to the site.”

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