Planned lighting maintenance firm comments on UK ‘energy efficiency slowdown’

Category: Energy

The World Energy Council (WEC) is arguing that there’s not enough being done to save energy and measures to improve the situation have slowed.

These findings come from WEC’s report World Energy Perspectives: Energy Efficiency Policies. The report analyses the policies of 85 countries – representing 95% of global consumption – and reviews energy use trends, including the current slowdown.

It was also announced this month that the UK has fallen down Europe’s energy efficiency rankings into ‘middling status’ – ranking 15 out of 27 on its progress in policies over the last three years. Greenlite Lighting Maintenance, a commercial low energy lighting expert, is concerned by this decline and advises businesses to consider lighting maintenance as part of their energy-saving programme.

Andy Chell, Sales and Marketing Manager at Greenlite Lighting Maintenance, says: “As an energy efficient lighting expert, we know that on-going maintenance is vital for keeping your lighting as efficient and cost-effective as possible.”

He adds: “For example, we ensure that our planned maintenance includes examining the whole lighting system to see if the overall design or running costs can be improved. Energy efficiency needs to be considered at every stage of a lighting installation – including after-sales care.

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