ASH Plastics

ASH Plastics of Wolverhampton is enjoying better quality of light in its warehouse and achieving real energy savings with our help.

The Challenge
Based in the heart of the Midlands ASH Plastics prides itself on its craftsmanship and over 30 years’ experience and expertise within the point of sale industry; developing innovative products from design through to in-store delivery.

All its SolidWorks designs are engineered to optimise the manufacturing process, taking advantage of a wide range of skills & resources, ultimately reducing costs and achieving the quality its customers expect from ASH.
The Solution
Step One – Complete a Site Audit

We conducted a free site audit and submitted a business proposal to demonstrate savings from the recommended upgrade; replacing existing lighting with the appropriate LED fittings, ensuring better quality of light throughout the warehouse, and better inventory control.

Our calculations showed they could achieve a Savings Percentage of 66.08% per year on their electricity bills.

Step Two – Funding and Finance

Greenlite arranged the finance to fund the complete installation, in addition, the customer qualified for The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund who were able to contribute 15% toward the cost of the project. ASH Plastics’ new lighting scheme would pay for itself and they would effectively be ‘cash positive’ from day one.

Step Three – The Installation

The installation was completed five days by one of our in-house installation teams causing minimal disruption to ASH Plastics’ working activities.
"There was very little disruption to the business during the fitting, and we were really happy that Greenlite removed all of the old fittings, and cleaned up as they went along."

Jacqui Lewis, Finance Director
ASH Plastics
The Outcome
- Better quality of light levels throughout the warehouse

- Better stock inventory due to visibility

- Cash positive energy efficiency savings

- Carbon Trust full funding

- Durable fixtures supported with 5 year warranties on parts and labour

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