BMW Halliwell Jones

Optimised lighting solutions for prestige motor retailer. Greenlite Group’s perfectly designed lighting schemes are showing a BMW showroom in the best light.

The Challenge
Greenlite Group's team were asked to undertake an extensive refit of the lighting throughout the car sales showrooms and back areas of the Halliwell Jones BMW dealerships in Warrington, Southport, Llandudno and Chester. In addition to reducing the energy consumption of the lighting solutions, we were also tasked with providing a lighting scheme for the showroom which displayed the cars in their true colours.
The Solution
The solution involved replacing the existing lighting with a more energy efficient solution. This reduced the electricity consumption attributed to in-showroom lighting by over 40%. Our team of lighting designers also applied their expertise to the challenge of colour rendition: (One of the main issues with car paints is that the colours can be so subtle it means that any light source that has an underlying colour to it will affect the appearance of the car). We devised a scheme that delivered perfect colour rendition and showed the BMW vehicles in their best light.
Our client saved 40% through clever lighting design
The Outcome
• Reduction in energy lighting costs of over 40%
• Improved customer viewing experience
• True car colours displayed in the showroom
• Fast capital payback.

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