Fitness Factory

Energy efficient LED lighting upgrade.

The Challenge
The Fitness Factory – health and fitness supplement stores, approached us when they acquired a new warehouse space and wanted to upgrade to a quality energy efficient LED lighting system.
The Solution
Greenlite provided a free site visit to record the existing lighting systems and we presented the Fitness Factory with a proposal, complete with recommended lighting replacement products. The lighting recommendations we made also provided the warehouse with sufficient lighting output, making stock inventory easier for staff and contributing to better levels of health and safety throughout the premises. The upgrade took two of our friendly engineers only one day to complete, with little disruption to business activities.

The Fitness Factory can also enjoy zero maintenance burden with LED technology and what’s more, just for peace of mind, our 5 year warranty promises that our in-house maintenance team will take care of the repairs and replacements completely free of charge!

Upgrading to an energy efficient LED lighting system really was a no brainer for the Fitness Factory! Have you thought about the savings to be made in your warehouse? Book your free lighting audit today.
"We're delighted with the work and customer service from start to finish has been fantastic, thank you."

Emma Walsh
Fitness Factory
The Outcome
- Energy Savings

- Zero maintenance system

- 5 year comprehensive warranties on parts and labour.

- Better light levels throughout the warehouse

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