Greenlite Group Corporate HQ

Our headquarters in Blackpool are providing a ‘best in class’ healthy office environment for our staff to thrive. Our offices are a shining example of best practice in workplace design.

The Challenge
At Greenlite Group, we believe that a healthy workplace, that puts people at its heart, is the most valuable investment a business can make. In fact, studies show that improved ventilation will boost productivity of workers by 11% while modern ‘human centric’ lighting can spark a whopping 23% jump in productivity. Impressive stuff.

It’s no surprise then that we are always on the lookout for new ways to improve our working environment. So, when we outgrew our old offices, we decided that to design our new offices with our people in mind. Our aims were to create naturally lit, well ventilated, and energy efficient working environments, thereby increasing productivity – and boosting our team’s morale in the workplace.
The Solution
1. To achieve our objectives, maximising daylight was essential. Our design scheme was designed to allow light to flood through the individual 'glass' rooms – each of which benefited from large windows. Daylight panels were also installed in the ceiling to let natural light into the building.

2. Task lighting is important too. Desk lamps with various reading/study/relax settings allow staff to work with the main lights off and work with the most appropriate lighting for the task in hand. This helps to prevent headaches and eyestrain for those working on computers.

3. Taking the scheme as a whole, our offices enjoy lighting that delivers a consistent ‘feel’ to the space. Alongside this, the type and ‘colour temperature’ of the lighting used helps us to create a ‘zoned’ approach to creating engaging spaces – for example, we can highlight the colours and textures of our décor and brand elements such as internal signage and graphics.

4. We didn’t stop at lighting. We have also invested in other new technologies including heating, ventilation & air conditioning systems. The idea here is to provide optimum thermal comfort and high indoor air quality. We can also use the system to replenish oxygen and removes odours/ moisture/ bacteria/ dust/ smoke and other gases.

5. Our office is equipped with a gym and showers for staff use. This really helps to boost well-being and productivity. There is even a training room available for our engineers and apprentices to practice all aspects of their work. By offering staff desirable facilities and opportunity for training and development, we are successfully developing staff confidence and positive changes in thinking and behaviour.
We have designed our office space to improve employee wellbeing and boost productivity.
The Outcome
- Daylight is maximised – helping to encourage healthy, human-centric approaches to lighting use.

- Positive changes to staff morale, engagement, thinking and behaviour.

- Reduction in reported headaches and eyestrain for computer users.

- Improved thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

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