Greenlite Group’s energy efficient lighting is reducing the lighting load at Harvey’s furniture stores by over 70%, having a positive impact on sales and energy savings.

The Challenge
Harvey’s is the largest furniture specialist in the UK with over 150 stores nationwide. Greenlite Group's retail lighting specialists were tasked with reducing the lighting load at these stores, while improving the appearance of the lighting.
The Solution
Greenlite Group suggested an energy-efficient LED solution which has been successful in reduced lighting load at Harvey’s stores by over 70% - saving an average Harvey’s store over £21,000 over a 5 year lighting life cycle.

For Harvey’s the new lighting brief was not all about energy costs. The lighting needed to be aesthetically improved too. Greenlite Group put new lighting in place over Harvey’s furniture scenes, designed to improve customer experience. The installations allow the products to be displayed at their best, welcoming customers and improving sales for Harvey’s.
Harvey's saved £21k on energy per store
The Outcome
The changes Greenlite Group put in place helped increase product sales and is now being rolled out across Harvey’s stores across the UK as they are refit and upgraded.

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