Harvie UK

We are taking care of planned and reactive lighting maintenance at Harvie UK’s warehouse, keeping the lights on and cutting energy costs.

The Challenge
When Harvie UK, one of the UK’s most agile independent tyre service suppliers approached us to supply and install lighting in their new warehouse, we knew we could make a difference to their energy costs. Based in Blackpool, it was important that they could rely on a local specialist lighting expert.
The Solution
In order to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient solution we recommended a lighting system with individual sensing to utilise daylight from skylights, and occupancy sensing to controls when the lights operate.

We provided them with a technologically advanced warehouse lighting system using LED lighting, skylights and daylight and occupancy sensors. The system is remote controlled with customised timings to suit their operational needs and save energy.

Also required were robust fittings providing durable lighting for hard-to-access areas, while also providing good light quality to enhance productivity.
The Outcome
Harvie UK now enjoys high performing, robust and energy efficient lighting that creates a safer working environment (Health & Safety compliance); which is also having a positive impact on performance and productivity.

The new technologies installed last longer, therefore reducing the maintenance frequency, keeping disruption to a minimum during the lighting lifetime for difficult access areas which requiring lift hire etc, and also enhancing productivity.

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