STA Travel

STA Travel is the world’s largest travel company for students and young people. Following a supplier review process, we’re proud to say we’re now taking care of their lighting maintenance requirements at 22 sites.

The Challenge
STA Travel wanted a supplier who could provide value for money but didn’t skimp on the level of service they offered. This is exactly our ethos at Greenlite Group, so we knew we could help!
The Solution
Here at Greenlite, we’re all about practical ways to save customers’ money and deliver maximum efficiency. As part of our proven lighting maintenance strategy for STA Travel, we provide a pre site-call every 8 weeks. This really cuts back on unnecessary call outs; maximises productivity; and thus helps to save their estates team money.
The Outcome
Let’s leave it to STA Travel to tell us what they think:

“We like the transparency Greenlite offers with the recommended 12 weekly scheduled visits and the phone call before hand to assess need to attend.”

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