The Original Factory Shop (TOFS) is a leading discount store, established in 1969. We provide LED lighting upgrade solutions and lighting and electrical maintenance to 197 of its stores nationwide.

The Challenge
TOFS needed a reliable maintenance partner to take care of the lighting and electrical assets across 197 of its stores. TOFS also have a commitment to reduce the energy usage across the estate and have tasked us with a rollout for design and retrofit of LED lighting in some of the stores.
The Solution
Thanks to our excellent reputation, TOFS came to us for our expertise and we delivered a comprehensive design, supply, installation and maintenance solution that we fully manage in-house. In fact, our most recent fit out for one store is making 70.58% energy savings by upgrading to an energy efficient solution. The lighting upgrade has also provided the store with better light quality, enhancing store experience, stock inventory and product aesthetics. TOFS can also rest easy knowing that their solution is backed up with 5 year warranties on parts and labour.
The Outcome
- Over 70% energy savings achieved by upgrading to LED lighting

- TOFS’ estates team can look forward to 5 years of no hassle, reliable maintenance

- Better stock visibility

- Better quality of lighting throughout the store, assisting customer experience and sales

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