Travis Perkins

Our detailed lighting and electrical audits have provided essential proof of energy use for Travis Perkins.

The Challenge
Travis Perkins sought our help to provide evidence to resolve a dispute with the landlord of ones its branches. The property owners were attempting to back date energy bills to 2007.
The Solution
Greenlite's team carried out a site visit to create an audit of all electrical appliances drawing down on the electricity supply. We also reviewed the equipment that was being used for monitoring the energy usage. A full list of the lights and other appliances in use was created; their individual energy consumption values established; and the amount of hours each light was in use since 2007 to establish exactly what energy had been used over this period.
Travis Perkins saved £23k with our help
The Outcome
Thanks to the work carried out by Greenlite, we were able to establish exactly what the shortfall in payments should be and this was £77,000 less than the demands for estimated usage being made.

This branch of Travis Perkins was eventually settled for £23,000, some £77,000 less than the original estimated demand of £100,000.

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