Greenlite’s Energy Watch Audits are helping to cut energy costs at 280 Waterstones branches across the UK.

The Challenge
Waterstones, the UKs biggest bookseller, was acutely aware of the need to keep stores well-lit, any failure to replace failed lamps in ‘hard to reach’ areas have a negative impact on customer experience and sales.

Coupled with this was an energy management challenge. Staff told us that the HVAC / BMS control systems at each store were complicated to operate, which meant that systems were being left on when not required. What’s more, Waterstones’ energy team needed a better picture of their energy use to identify areas of energy waste.
The Solution
The Greenlite Group team used our ‘Energy Watch Audit’ service to analyse each branch’s energy data and identify unusual patterns of energy use with in store visits.

We proposed simple steps to reduce energy wastage such as swapping old, inefficient lighting with modern LED technology, and replacing complicated controls with ‘last man out’ switches.
We are taking care of 280 Waterstones stores across the UK
The Outcome
Since the Greenlite Group Energy Watch Audit, each Waterstones store has seen significant energy savings. These well-lit stores are directly affecting customer footfall and highlighting products to their best advantage.

Waterstones has also reduced its maintenance costs, thanks to the use of long-lasting LEDs (with a lifetime of 50,000 hours) lowering lamp replacements costs are required less often and a better understanding of energy use, with continuous monitoring of sites’ energy use and resolution of anomalies.

Greenlite Group continue to carry out reactive electrical and mechanical maintenance at 280 stores nationwide, keeping the lights on and ensuring customers have the best possible experience.

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