Retail lighting expert recommends retailers consider lighting controls

Category: Lighting

Greenlite Lighting Solutions, a specialist in commercial low-energy lighting, is keen for retailers to understand the important role that controls play in saving energy and reducing costs.

The firm, which also delivers lighting maintenance, notes that low-energy lighting is only one aspect of an effective energy-efficient lighting installation. Further savings can be achieved through presence detectors that automatically switch lights off in empty, back-of-house areas.

Another possibility is to implement a ‘last man out switch’, which turns off all lighting and non-essential electrical equipment. This is a simple yet powerful option, since switching off at night can achieve savings of 30-40%. Greenlite urges retailers to fully explore building management systems and other lighting control options.

Andy Chell, Sales and Marketing Manager at the lighting installation firm, Greenlite, says: “We ensure that our lighting installations meet business needs, fulfil energy-saving legislation and save costs. To be effective, this often means combining lighting controls, low-energy lighting and streamlined lighting design.”

He adds: “Lighting controls are there to make saving energy even easier – it’s all about finding every appropriate opportunity to switch off!”

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